Consciously Made in America

Our socially conscious mission starts long before the shirts or product ever reaches your hands.  Every shirt and product is made, designed and printed in America, while making sure that all of our raw materials are sourced in a socially conscious way.  We make sure that everyone and all of the raw materials involved receive the benefits of empowerment and jobs for women. 

The process starts with raw materials sourced from fairly-compensated female and displaced workers in either USA, Honduras, India, Nepal and Guatemala. We are proud that women everywhere are being supported through this process.   Like the steel that goes into American-made cars that can be sourced from anywhere, we make sure that the raw materials we source are from places that share our values.
The design assembly and stitching for products is performed in Colorado.  It is done with the help of refugee women and displaced workers we employ and support.
The printing and labeling is performed by-hand in West Michigan. 
The fulfillment and final assembly of the product is performed by mothers who want to feel empowered through their ability to work from home, while supporting their children and families.